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How we work


We feel that the best way to take a brief from the Client is to enter their current space, evaluate their style and then set about taking a formal brief.

The lifestyle of the Client is very important at this early stage, i.e., How the Client “lives” – relaxed? Formal? Children? Animals? Entertainer?

All these aspects need to be considered in the selection of furniture and fabrics ensuring a match to the selected lifestyle and also ensuring that the Client’s “personality” is reflected in the end product.


A decorating fee is charged per hour or part thereof during the initial consultation and preparation of the response to the brief. This fee is waived or renegotiated on confirmation of the project.

We have established excellent relationships with an extensive selection of decorating houses where we earn commissions on any introductions on the following items: – dining and lounge/sitting room furniture, chairs, tables, accessories, artwork, etc.

We pride ourselves on tailoring an exciting fully integrated decorating solution to the Client’s needs but at the same time working within a predefined budget and being at all times, cognisant of costs.