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Decorating solutions you can rely on…


Our style is predominantly classical with contemporary influences. Focus is on texture and comfort as well as colours and functionality. All this is achieved with a predetermined budget by utilizing well priced local fabrics. We also have the ability to source international fabrics in cases where the Client preference dictates as such.

We have extensive experience in sourcing fabrics, materials and designs, of offering good value and quality without compromising on style.

We have established relationships with the majority of local fabric supply companies such as Mavromac, St Leger and Viney, Hertex, Home Fabrics, Fabric Library, Stuart Graham, Biggie Best, U&G, Svenmill, Gralan, Whatnot and many others.


Through our numerous years of operating in this industry, we have selected various suppliers and manufacturers who have produced and delivered quality products which deliver in accordance with our stringent requirements.


Our objective is to assist the Client in achieving a unique, “bespoke” look that reflects the Client’s taste, personality and style whilst at the same time incorporating new and exciting ideas and suggestions available to the industry.

We pride ourselves on our ability to include and adapt existing furniture pieces currently utilized byt the Client and incorporate them into the overall design thereby creating a fresh and new look for the project but remaining cost conscious.